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UK Immigration Information, Advice and Guidance UK Immigration Information, Advice and Guidance

About UK Immigration

UK Immigration is dedicated to provide best professional services for UK Immigration under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme of the UK. UK Immigration Community in the UK needs a lot of support and information for smooth relocation to the UK. We strive hard to help you right from the moment you decide to apply under the HSMP scheme to the time you migrate to the UK and settle down.

UK Immigration is a major decision in your life and you are deciding to leave your current job, status, lifestyle, friends and social circle in favour of migration to the UK and you have to make this a success even if it means start from the scratch. There is no margin for error and high quality professional can help you in many ways.

We constantly work towards saving the time, effort and money for our members and clients by pro-actively searching for the information they will need and the services they will want to make UK Immigration a smooth and stress-free journey.

We are very much aware that all the applicants who apply under HSMP scheme are very well placed in their present job or business, wherever they are. They do not have the time to search the different sources to gather the authentic information that they need.

We know the value of your time and we are sure you also know the value of the Information. Actually what we deliver is not just information, it is knowledge based on individual experiences. This knowledge can give you a lot of confidence when you start HSMP application process and then when arrive here.

UK Immigration is promoted by some one belonging to the HSMP Community, who came to the UK under HSMP scheme. The services we offer are based on the first hand experiences that we have gone through. We have also learnt from the experiences other people have gone through after reaching the UK under HSMP scheme, on their way to the successful relocation to the UK. Our clients recognize the value of having someone who has walked the path before them to give them personal guidance.

Over the past one year, since UK Immigration is launched, many of our clients have expressed that we should be providing full visa services for the UK Immigration so that they can entrust the entire HSMP application process to us. We are pleased to inform that we are now registered with OISC, UK (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) and we have also started full Immigration Services.

On reaching the UK, when we start the efforts to find a rental property or when we try to open a bank account, we feel that getting approval for the HSMP from the Home Office and getting Entry Clearance from the UK Embassy is lot easier compared to the efforts that we have to put in to settle down properly in the UK.

You may feel slightly discouraged when you read the above, but our idea is not to discourage you in any way, because we are now working towards making your relocation to the UK a smooth process. We make sure that you do not feel lonely in your initial period when there may be some teething troubles. You will always feel that there is some one to give you required information and help.

We will also give you the UK Immigration's success stories to help you keep up your efforts and confidence high. Not only that, we will also give you details about the errors of others so that you can avoid them.

The need for these services was felt when we were trying to find the job or trying to find out details on how to setup a business or when we wanted to know the prevailing Income Tax structure and how and where to get registered for various services.

Whether you want to apply for a Telephone Connection or an Internet Connection, whether you want the Electricity bill transferred to your name or applying for a Cable TV connection, if you do not know someone who can give you complete and accurate details, it is likely that you will spend a lot of time in finding the right information and there are also chances that you will spend a lot of time in finding and deciding the right package for you.

Finding a Job in the UK is also an experience in its own. If you have been in those parts of the world, where the Online Applications and brief CVs are the in-thing, here in the UK you will find the advertisements asking you to write or call for the Application Packs, which contain elaborate job role details and person specifications and an Application Form which may take a few hours to complete. You feel that in spite of being a very developed nation, most of UK companies and organizations are quite conservative when it comes to employment and hiring employees.

UK Immigration is a journey and the experiences that we have gone through along this journey, have given us an idea to start this web site to make your relocation journey a smooth and pleasant experience and to save you a lot of time and money.
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