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UK Immigration Information, Advice and Guidance UK Immigration Information, Advice and Guidance
UK Immigration News

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          Immigration Policy

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  • Home Office Consultation on Fees Increase

  • HSMP Application Fees and Other Visa Fees       to increase from 1st April 2005
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  • HSMP Application processing now takes
          about 26 weeks

  • HSMP Extension FLR(IED) processing takes       about 13 weeks
  • Scotland to attract 8,000 Immigrants every

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    UK Immigration

    UK Immigration policy was opened up in 2001 December when the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme was announced to attract Highly Skilled Individuals to the UK by offering them Immigration visa leading to Permanent Resident status or Right of Abode in the UK. This was the first time in almost 30 years when the Immigration gates were opened up by the UK.

    Schemes leading to Right of Abode or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK under UK Immigration Laws

    One can immigrate to the UK under Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, which is a Points based system where points are awarded for Education, Work Experience, Earnings, Significant Achievement and Partner / Spouse's Skills. Under HSMP one does not need any Employer Sponsorship for immigration to the UK. Persons and their dependents migrating under this scheme get PR status or ILR in 4 years time.

    The other categories open for Immigration are available for Innovators and Investors who want to set up their business in the UK. This category also allows PR status after 4 years.

    Work Permits which essentially need to be sponsored by UK Employers allow person to come to the UK to work. Work Permit holders get the Resident status and can apply for PR status or ILR after 4 years.

    Intra-company transfers where the Overseas Company transfers the member of Management team to manage the UK operations as Sole Representative.

    For Low Skilled Workers there is Sector Based Scheme including Agricultural Assistants scheme.

    Of course, once can come to the UK on a student visa and on successful completion of the studies in certain disciplines and certain courses one can get permission of 1 year practical training (which is 2 years in Scotland)

    If you are a citizen of Commonwealth Countries and are aged between 17 and 30 years, you can come to the UK for 2 years under Working Holidaymaker visa which allows stay up to 2 years when you can work in the UK to improve your skills. You can switch to Work Permit after 1 year under Working Holidaymaker visa.

    You can also apply for a UK Business Visa if you want to do business in the UK.

    UK also has special visa arrangement for Ministers of Religion

    And, there is one more possibility that one can marry a UK citizen and migrate to the UK.

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